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  • [size=medium][font=Impact]Acne is a BIG headache for many of you. In fact, there are many factors cause acne. Such as bacterial infection, hypersteatosis, incompletely makeup removing and pore clogged etc. Want to have flawless skin??? Maximize your skin care routine with BOTANICAL ANTI-ACNE REPAIR ESSENCE and BETA-CAROTENE TABLETS. Acne is no big deal~~[/font][/size]

  • It is a professionals opinion that you go to the source of the problem. I always wonder why we treat topical issues with internal medicine?
    This means your stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys have to examine, flush, detoxify, this TABLET... in order to reach your PIMPLE? YOUR EPIDERMIS!!!

    WHY not cut out the middle man? GO RIGHT TO A TOPICAL SOLUTION!!! SAVE YOUR GUT!!!!....SAVE YOUR ORGANS! How can a pill dry your facial skin only? How does it treat FACIAL SEBUM without effecting.. elbow sebum? Vaginal oil? Nobody can ever answer this!!

    ..... I'm just a silly chemist.

    ....just a thought...

  • You want to understand why your body is not properly releasing toxins through sweating, urinating, and defecating. That is what causes acne. Your body resorts to pushing them out through the skin.

  • A lot of people blame so many things without ever thinking of what they put in or on their body as the cause.


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