North East FLUENZA worst ever

  • Hey Ya'll... I think I've been in a cocoon for 3 days in a row... coming off of a week of being sick and just getting sicker and sicker.

    I have sworn by the 'USE YOUR OWN PEN' rule. Signing credit cards,. logging in at the doctors office. We keep touching the 'MOST GERM RIDDEN PIECE OF PLASTIC'... which is the 'community pen'.

    I thought I learned my lesson. I carry my own WRITING TOOL everywhere I go...

    How on earth did I get infected? My doctor enlightened me. "The STRAINS of influenza this season are VICIOUS and don't need a ball point pen to get you infected."

    They are air born to the tune of MULTI MILLIONS of organisms floating in the air. If you are standing in line and someone COUGHS ... the fan spray of live viral bacteria can travel more than 40 feet (circumference ). That means that the person can be on the other side of the room. When you walk into their 'AIR SPACE', you are breathing in whatever spores they have exhaled.

    I wanted to puke when I heard this. TALK ABOUT 'COVERING YOUR MOUTH'..
    Suddenly the girls who wear BURKAS seem to have the best kept secret.

    Here are the TIPS that I received a week late.

    Muscinex blue/white. Take it and don't stop! At the first onset of symptoms or exposure.

    Drink alot of water. Zinc and Vitamin C are great but work best if you've been taking them. If you feel great right now.... start taking your C, ZINC and immune support products!!

    Its good to be back to the land of the living....



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