Do anyone use hair powder to thicken?

  • A product called Pssssst has been sold since I was a young girl. It was 'dry shampoo'... we hated it because we LOVED to wash and blow dry our hair. Our mothers had another idea!!

    So,. in the last few seems DAY 3 AND 4 are 'great hair days'...because oils are flowing through the folicles.. BUT HEAVY on the scalp.

    I used to buy a product called BRUSH & READY on Q.V.C for $20 a bottle. FINALLY big INDUSTRY has duplicated and mass produced. I can buy dry NON TALC shampoo for $2.98 in SUAVE, RAVE, LOREAL, and more than a dozen other manufacturers.

    What does it do? Its an oil antagonist,. drys up oil,. GIVES FLAT HAIR a boost.,gives you MASSIVE volume. Worth every penny.

    Downside: Powder or talc tends to give a dull hue! You can reverse this with a tiny drop of HAIR SHINE,. Everyone has it,. its to add brilliance to dull hair. DO NOT OVER COMPENSATE.

    A TIP: once you have tipped you head and sprayed DRY SHAMPOO,. let it dry.. let it set....

    Then take a damp cloth and blot your scalp or any place that looks EXTRA LIGHT!!

    Tip #2= to add MORE VOLUME pre spray damp hair and dry it into your hair as you style. Be mindful that your dryer is going to suck in through the return filter, so wipe it out often!!

              [font=Verdana][b][size=medium]  TOP PICKS!!

    Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray

    TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo

    Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo
    Happy Dry Shampooing!!!

  • Hi Jules,
    Love , love love dry shampoo!! Could not make it during the week without it, but hated it because it made hair so dry and left icky white spots that made it obvious you did not wash your hair. We have tried the three you recommend and they are good, but we found one that is amazing!

    Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark and Deep Brown

    Batiste is the brand and we learned about it in a blog, and it comes in several scents and bottles. Since we have gone back to a natural color for us, which is brunette we use the dark and deep brown and it deposits a little bit of color but nothing too severe. The smell is wonderful and it does not dry your hair out. Our mother uses the blond version and we use the dark/deep brown version. It is inexpensive and amazon sells it or ulta has it in the store. It is great to add volume even on a wash day, or if you use too much glossing cream and need a redo. It is heaven sent!

  • dry shampoo is the way to go if married to Argan oil hair products

  • There are many powder available in the market but hair thicker problem you can consult hair transplant surgeon.

  • I never used hair powder to make my hair look dense artificially. Last year I suffered from hair loss and thinning issues and used [url=]toppik hair building fibers[/url]. I think you should also give them a try as I got great results from it in six month’s time!

  • A boon for irritable scalps and hair prone to falling out, this paraben-free treatment from the Italian brand is designed to revitalise weak, fine hair and calm and re-balance the scalp.


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