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  • OMG JULES! This afternoon I had to run a few errands. Stopped at the gas station to get some cig's. Was asked to show my ID. I was more then happy to show the clerk my ID. When the clerk checked it out, she said she could not believe how old I am. She was astounded. She didn't think I was 18. She thought I was younger then that. She told me that I have very beautiful skin. #1: No Wrinkles. #2: she said I have a very beautiful complexion. You have no idea how she made me feel. She made the rest of my day. Thanks to you and your products, they have really helped my complexion. I told the clerk that I don't have a beautiful complexion. I told her that my skin is scarred and she told me it's not scarred at all and it's so beautiful. No makeup on either. She made me feel so good about myself and she has given me more confidence in myself. I've always been so embarrassed about my complexion from having adult acne and how much it has scarred my face up. In my eyes when I look in the mirror, I see every flaw in my skin. Maybe it's all in my head. Got so use to looking ugly due to my bad complexion . I just wanted to share this little story with you and how happy I am with someone telling me this about my complexion and how she has given me more confidence in myself so far. I just want to thank you for inventing all of your skin care products and to let you know how much your products have helped me complexion as far as acne scarring goes plus looking a lot younger then I am. I've always been told I look younger then I am and have been carded many times before when buying cig's but it's been quite a while since I've been carded. Of coarse I usually go to the same gas station to buy gas and cig's but went to a different I've because I was at a different location. I e been in that store before but I've never seen this particular clerk working there. She is much younger then I am but she still made me feel good about my face. I am 56 years old and I got carded to buy a pack of cig's. Thanks to your skin care line, you have helped me out so much . Thank you Jules for maki g such great skin care products. Have a great weekend.

    Luv a kiddo,

    Lenny xxxooo

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