Does Botox treatment leave permanent marks?

  • Hi, I am a 43 years old woman and I have lines and wrinkles on my face. I had tried some natural treatment methods and makeup products to cover up this problem but none of them worked. I’m not interested in hiding it with heavy makeup. So I have planned to undergo botox treatment ( ) by next week from a cosmetic dermatology clinic in Toronto. I really don't know how the procedure of the surgery is really going to be. Has anyone been through this treatment ever? Does this treatment leave permanent marks? Advice and suggestions are welcome.

  • Botox is a fabulous product. I'm sure by now you've already had it done so please give the board your honest review.
    A few things I've learned about injectables and I've posted on this before. This is just my opinion. Having been trained and trained and over trained the one person who does NOT get trained is the doctor. The dermatologist. The plastic Surgeon. In most cases they will not come to seminars or work with the people that are sent to the office to teach the staff by Allergen or Qmed vendors. They teach needle bending, placement between vessels even light dental blocking. Most doctors give all the work of Botox and Filler to the Aesthetician anyway. When choosing a place make sure you chose an MD doctor who is staffed with a nurse practitioner- licensed aesthetician.
    Make sure they are board certified.
    Make sure you see them open a BOX of filler and/or prepare your Botox or Dysport injection in the room. Pre filled vials that are prepared early are a big red flag!!

    The injection should not hurt. You may hear crunching due to the muscle plate in your forehead being stuck. All normal. I find numbing cream to be more of a hinderance then a help. When you are asked to RAISE or FROWN, you are numb so you are not giving me the hardest frown you have, hence your injection may not fully iron out all your creases.
    BOTOX SHOTS DO NOT HURT!!! The needles are 31 gauge and virtually bloodless.

    Make sure you ice your forehead if they tell you to. Make sure you MOVE the forehead if they tell you to.


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