Can anyone tell me how…..

  • … to social a feral cat or kitten? I have a friend who just rescued a cat under 8 months old.,

    She's never owned a cat before… She has it INSIDE, IN A LARGE CAT CARRIER, DOOR OPEN. CAT is resting in the back.. Not sure what to do…

    There are so many options when it comes to socializing. I learn new things every day. Since many of our members are outside USA,I love hearing your methods!!

    And I am such a feral cat advocate. We have some cat experts here..

    Anyone want to take it from here? It would be much appreciated!!

  • Food and trust. I have taken in feral cats and have tamed them. I actually have a cat blog that is all about cats ( but as for your friend, she needs to bond with the cat's belly. You want to find a food the cat likes and allow it to come to you for the food. This builds trust. Also, never pet or reach our to a cat that is unsure. They can and will attack if they feel threatened.


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