Women Hair Loss - 4 Most Common Triggering Factors For Hair Loss in Women

  • Most women often wonder if the hair loss they experience almost everyday is only normal. On the average, women will normally lose about 50-100 strands a day. As women age, it is easy to consider fast hair loss as just a part of growing old, or as a consequence of menopause.

    However, there are other causes of thinning or losing hair for women, other than age which one may not be aware of. If you notice that you are losing hair at a faster rate than usual, perhaps you should look at the following factors that may be causing it.

    Here are the four most common triggering factors for hair loss in women:

    1. Medications

    If you are taking some medications regularly, it will be a smart idea to ask your doctor if it will affect hair growth. Medications used for chemotherapy are already known to cause hair loss, and so do some birth control pills. Just knowing that your thinning hair is caused by the medications you are taking will allay some of your fears. If you are really concerned about your fast thinning hair, then ask your doctor for medicine replacements that will not have the same side effects.

    1. Hormones

    As women grow older or go through life events such as menstruation, pregnancy and menopause, their hormonal levels change which can also affect hair growth. Baldness may be the most extreme effect, but for most, some changes in the hair texture, curliness or thickness may be quite evident.

    1. Stress

    It is quite common for women to undergo stressful events everyday, because of the many roles a woman play. Stress has been known to cause alopecia, the general word for women hair loss, and the only way you can relieve fast hair thinning caused by stress is to know how to handle it the right away. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep and take deep breaths during the day to relieve stress and tension. You can also have a total change of lifestyle, by managing your time wisely and re-arranging your priorities.

    1. Heredity

    There are also genetic factors causing baldness, and if you see other members of your family losing hair prematurely, you most likely will, too.

    For most women, signs of imminent balding are not as obvious as it is with most men. It may be seeing a bunch of hair strands on your towel or you may just suddenly notice a lot of hair on your hair brush every time you brush your hair.

    All is not totally lost if you notice that you are experiencing premature hair loss. There is an abundance of products now for hair regrowth that can help you prevent early baldness. You should, however, consult a dermatologist to identify the real cause of your thinning hair to get the right hair loss solution. If Any buddy wants Best Hair Transplant Clinic In Dubai then Contact at Dynamic Clinic.

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