Pain in Lower Back

  • Hi, I need some close to home guidance.

    My back has consistently felt awful after deadlifts and back extensions, so I generally maintained a strategic distance from them (squats were fine). At that point like 3 months prior I felt how my back hurt during my squat (it was inappropriate behavior) yet I simply gave it a try. So I avoided the gym for 2-3days and without any indications of it ending up better so I considered a physiotherapist and made an appointment; he said the reason behind the pain is that I had extremely tight hamstrings so he gave me a few exercises to do and prescribed me to return to the gym (he didn't generally deliver how to manage my present pain).

    I did the exercises he gave me to around a week (despite everything I'm doing them) and with my back yet hurting (not as terrible as in the past but still hurting). I booked another appointment with the Mississauga physiotherapy clinic so that I could get various opinions. There I was told that I should return to the gym so that I could begin working with recovering my back. So I had a go at the gym today and took a stab at sidelining with lightweight however it hurt a lot, so I tried to not bend my back and actually not certain on the off chance that I felt any difference because I didn't give it much time, likewise had a go at sidelining with my feet on the seat, it felt great before I began (getting in position).

    So I'm thinking about whether I should simply quit practicing until my back feels vastly improved or if I should notice my physiotherapist counsel and go and exercise? Truly I'm extremely confused about what to do. In any case, any advice is much appreciated. Hopefully, I have explained my problem well enough.


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