• TCA Peels That Can Cause Severe Damage to the Skin

    I have received many letters like the one you are about to read below. This guide is NOT to entice you to purchase my products. I would rather you bought nothing, then to subject yourself to the horror that this beautiful girl has had to endure. I have an archive of photos and letters devoted to this subject: THE SCARIEST TCA Sellers on Ebay is the title. The first time I saw a TCA PEEL with esthetician credentials and a Doctors diploma, I knew that it was bogus, however I thought it would be a watered down version of the medical grade TCA. Never in my wildest dream did I think someone (several sellers) would buy an industrial grade regeant used for iron and metal cleaning and pour it into a bottle and sell it to unsuspecting buyers as a chemical peel for resurfacing the skin. How in the world these people have not been sited, sued and/or shut down by CFSD and LOCAL FDA administration in their own state, I have no clue. In any retail setting, if you are poisoning the public, it is a felony by law.

    Is this the prettiest girl you have ever seen? Read her letter to me followed by her new facial pictures after purchasing and using another sellers (caustic) tca peel. I received this on March 20, 2006. (and yes, I'm going to help her!)
    Dear Julie, I have sent you an email asking you question after I accidentally clicked on buying this product. I am not sure if this is the right stuff for me and in desperate need of your advice. Julie, I made an aweful mistake by buying a cheap TCA peel from another Ebay seller. I was just trying to treat little dots of melasma on my cheeks but it turned out horribly. Gosh, it went from red to brown. After two weeks and time off from work, it left me a little scarring and even darker brown spots. I a not sure if the melasmas were all gone but the skin on my cheeks has turned into a darker brown. I have attached some photos. Please take a look and suggest your products. Could you recommend me something that would help remove them? Do I need time off for this or can it be applied without dramatizing the skin? Could you attach a link of your recommended product so I can buy it from you. Julie, I do believe that your products have done miracles for many people and especially woman. Please help me out. Please save my skin. I am going through this horrifying stage where I could not even wear makeup to cover it because it it too dark to cover it up.

    Gratefully yours, Tina

    P.S. I have also attached a picture of mine before the peel were done. The melasma on the cheeks were covered by makeup. And now, I could not even cover those brown spots with anything at all. Please save my skin as you saving me. Thanks, Julie.

    Note from Julie: Using a caustic regeant on skin can cause blood formation between the epidermis and dermis. Using regeants like this cause the skin to 'boil' in chemical heat between the two layers. Eventually with gentle but rapid resurfacing, this blood will work towards the surface. This is more common then you would imagine. I get about 1 letter each week like this. The user is embarrassed and in many cases so depressed that I fear for their mental health. If you have done this to your skin by accident or know someone who has, PLEASE forward them to me so that I may help. The saddest part about this situation is that the user is so embarrassed by what they have done and how they look, they do not have the strength to go after the seller who sold them the 50% tca peel. NO PLACE in the USA can you make an appointment with a dermatologist or doctor to apply a 50% medical grade TCA peel. IN any clinical setting, true TCA requires a light sedation and medical supervision. Caustic regeants are available on any lab site which are NOT a chemical peel for the skin.

    Julies Recommendation for TCA Peels:

            All peels should be pre tested on the upper jaw (where you can feel your back molar through your skin) Applying a small amount at the manufacturers requested application will give you some insight on what you can expect. I always follow the cheaper/cheaper policy. If its CHEAPER in price, then that means its CHEAPER in quality and grade. You cannot afford to cut corners with skin care!  *TCA Complex  by Perfect Complexin is a buffered resurfacing peel that is 12.5% of true TCA, purified medical grade. Often times you can request a sample of this with any other purchase you are making with Perfect Complexion  if you add the request to NOTE TO SELLER in your paypal check out box!


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