Personalized video marketing

  • Hi, I am a digital marketing student. In a conversation with my cousin, I heard about personalized video marketing platforms. I haven't heard about this before. If anyone here knows more about this, please do share with me.

  • Hydrafacial for dark circles is a new one to me!!! Let's just google the TOP hydra facial called PERK at $150 per treatment (and the results are not permanent, requires monthly visits). HydraFacial MD® provides one of the best professional skin care solutions based on your skin’s actual needs. Dubbed “not just a facial” it is an hour long deep cleansing and detoxifying experience. The Hydrafacial utilizes 6 sequential steps starting with lymphatic drainage, microdermabrasion, peels, extraction, infusion, hydration and light emitting diode collagen stimulating treatments, to cleanse, exfoliate, detoxify, extract, hydrate and protect the skin. It is not painful or irritating making it safe even for sensitive skin and an effective treatment all skin types of any age.
    Skin is left looking and feeling fresher with an overall improvement in skin appearance, texture and hydration.SKIN HEALTH FOR LIFE TREATMENT helps boost hydration, refresh dull skin and protect the skin against environmental factors, leaving it looking radiant.
    DERMABUILDER BOOST Minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides
    BRITENOL BOOST Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun spots with Arbutin & Vit C for an even complexion
    Acne HydraFacial involves the same six stages as the Skin Health for Life but also includes a Glysal Peel.
    Perk ™ is the worlds first hybrid liquid facial that uses roller- flex technology to gently vacuum suction the surface layer dead skin & impurities, whilst delivering vital antioxidants to boost facial skin, eyes or lips in just 10 minutes. You then receive the same refreshing serum used in your treatment as a take- home product. As skin is renewed every 4 weeks, this treatment forms the basis for the Skin Health for Life programme to ensure that your skin continues to look its best everyday. Treatment needs to be repeated every 30 days to enhance and maintain results

    DARK CIRCLES are caused by various issues,. some heredity, some due to sleep, stress,. etc. BUT the DARK comes from blood trapped between the dermis and epidermis and NOTHING TOPICAL CAN CHANGE it permanently. You are simply controlling the blood by external manipulation.

    MY advice is to use a SLEEP MASK to sleep,. this will prevent fluid in the lower bleph fat pad,. USE a lubricating eye drop often and before bedtime. KEEP little cold face packs and make 10 minute compressing part of your morning WAKE UP, COFFEE, NEWS WATCHING, CAT CUDDLING ROUTING. COLD CONSTRICTS,. and will gives your eyes instant happiness!! FOR YOUR FACE, we compound AMAZING TOPICAL SKIN PRODUCTS THAT will give you instant and permanent accumulative results. Sight unseen one AMAZING product that gives you SO MUCH BANG for the buck is
    PERFECT COMPLEXION 3 IN 1 MICRO RETINOIC cleanser,. YOU HAVE CHARCOAL,. cooling and skin loving,. then you have SHARP micro crystals to remove every last dead shred of skin.. then RETINOIC ACID is delivered into that new skin growth,. SO each time you use it, more old skin comes off, REVEALING TIGHTER, SMOOTHER flawless skin underneath... AND it's like $30 and it will last you for months of treatments.. at home...


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