How to Take Care of Acne-prone Oily Face Naturally?

  • This question has been asked for millions of times because it’s a really big problem for many people who are bothered by acne-prone oily skin. A variety of acne-against products have been introduced in the market, and some healthy and natural methods have emerged, but both methods need to be adhered to for a very long time.

    People with oily skin are prone to have acnes because the oil accumulates on their face all the year round, clogging pores that make the skin can’t breathe normally and reduce the ability to absorb nutrients, which makes the skin easy to be infected by bacteria and cause various skin diseases, then the acnes, blackheads all comes.

    We can see that they have to take care of their oily skin carefully firstly, then the acnes will be solved followingly. Thus, how to take care of if your skin is acne-prone oily?

    Step 1: Cleanse Face Deeply and Thoroughly.
    It will be much better to wash your face with warm water that is gentle to your skin. Surely you should choose good makeup remover products to remove the makeup cleanly which will make sure less makeup residues in your face to clog your pores. Then good facial cleanser is next, also good devices to help clean is much better, like CARE II Renewal facial cleansing brush that can help remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil.

    And there’s another problem that you have to pay attention to. The metabolism of the facial skin will be affected if the stratum corneum on the face is too thick, which may clog the pores, and bring mite pox. Thus, you have to exfoliate the skin regularly to avoid these problems. If you use CARE II Renewal facial cleansing brush to wash your face, you don’t need to worry about these problems because the brush can exfoliate the skin when it help wash your face.

    CARE II suggests that you use acne-against mask to exfoliate the skin besides wash your face clean deeply, which will make your face’s aging keratin better and make your greasy skin get better. Also you can just use CARE II Renewal facial cleansing brush to instead every day.

    Step 2: Relieve Acnes by Right Ways
    Do not squeeze acnes because, normally, there are bacteria stuck to the hands, which will make your skin get infected and may leave acne scars in your face when you squeeze the acnes. We know many people have this habit of squeezing acnes, but if they are whitish acnes and you want to squeeze, please use cotton swabs instead your hands, then put on the acne pastes to take care which will be effectively make the acnes anti-inflammatory in a very short time. Then you can wash your face 15 minutes later.

    Step 3: Fully Moisturizes to Balance Skin
    One of the key causes of the acne-prone oily skin is due to the shortage of moisture. If your skin hydrates, the skin moisture and oil will be imbalance, which will result in excessive secretion of skin oil. Then the oily skin forms and acnes come if things go on like this. Therefore, in daily skincare routine, you need to pay more attention to moisture the skin, especially pay attention to the nasal triangle. It’s a super important step to improve your skin, so be careful when you select the moisturize products. The refreshing moisturizer is much better for your skin’s health.

    Your skin will become more healthier and the acnes will disappear as long as you succeed in finishing the steps above continuously.

    The step 1 and step 2 are not hard to process, but how to fully moisturize the skin? There are THREE natural DIY acne-against mask solutions for your reference:

    DIY MASK 1: White Vinegar Honey MASK
    According to the name, you can know what you need to DIY this mask, white vinegar, honey. The process is below:

    1. Put 5ml white mask and honey into the bowl, then mix them together.
    2. Make sure your face has been washed cleanly.
    3. Apply the DIY mask to your face with a soft brush.
    4. Rinse your face about 3 to 5 minutes later

    You will find that your face is much smoother than before, and this DIY mask has anti-inflammatory function, so it can weaken the acnes until the acnes all die away.

    DIY MASK 2: Mung Bean Acne-against Mask
    The process is below:

    1. Prepare those materials, mung beans powder, flour and pearl powder, and honey, that’s 2:1:1:2.
    2. Put them together to mix fully to be a paste and put it evenly on your face.
    3. About 15 minutes later, wipe off the mask with cotton and then rinse it with water. Please note that you’d better use cotton to wipe off the mask before you wash it because it will make your skin cleaner.

    This DIY mask has a very good desalination effect on the acnes, and it can cleanse the dirt and oil of the skin deeply. You need to have a try!

    DIY MASK 3: Aloe Honey Mask
    Guess all of you know that aloe benefits a lot our skin, so do honey. Both of them are natural skincare materials. So this mask gathers them together to help you care skin and against acnes. So how to make it?

    1. Prepare aloe, honey, astragalus power, water, that’s 3:3:1:1.
    2. Remove the surface and thorns of the aloe, and chop the aloe meat into a bowl.
    3. Add honey in the bowl and mix them evenly.
    4. Then add astragalus power and water, then mix them.
    5. Apply the mask evenly on your face.
    6. About 15 minutes later, wipe off the mask and wash your face clean with water.

    CARE II always here, just leave a comment if you need any help about skincare.


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