4 Reasons to Choose Hair Transplant in India

  • It has been predicted that the medical tourism in India will grow up to $7-8 billion by 2020, this data stated by the Indian Economic times. It is a matter of pride that India is growing by leaps & bound in the medical sector and the Indian Doctors/Surgeon ranked as a top position throughout the World. The service of Medical facilities in the developed nation like USA, UK, and Europe is far expensive and economic class of people around the World used to come to developing nation for getting the medical services & facilities where the same service and facilities are available at an affordable cost and easy reach to every class of people. However, the [url=http://www.medispaindia.in/hair-transplant/]hair transplant in India[/url] has increased with enormous ratings from the last 7-8 years. The report that centrally based on the Plastic & Cosmetic surgery figured out that more than 80% of surgeries are being done in India, especially the hair transplant procedure.

    Why India is the best for the Hair Transplant Procedure described below:

    1. The Best Hair Transplant Surgeon
      India is rich in knowledge, expertise, talent and science and shares around 60% alone in the knowledge power outsourcing. We have best Surgeons and Doctor who have international training, exposure as well as an active participation from well-reputed hair restoration society and forums, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, Etc. The Indian Surgeon ranked in the top position in giving the best aesthetic effect of the hair transplant procedure. Most of the people from the developed nation chosen the Indian Surgeon to get the treatment and got the best result can be read and seen through the restoration forums, reviews platforms and portals.

    2. The Reputed Hair Transplant Clinics
      The hair transplant clinics established in India have value for their patients both in terms of medical services and a generous support as a part of the Indian values & ethics and that’s why patients get more satisfied not just taking the services, but the care & facilities that we provide to our patients/client. People/patients coming to India get equally benefited from the medical services and regular tourism interest that are only possible in India. The clinics in India give you outstanding facilities with the support of hygiene & care at an affordable cost.

    3. State-of-the-art Facilities
      The Indian clinics, especially the hair transplant centres provide you state-of-the-art facilities equipped with the modern technologies and equipment that makes a procedure an easier one with the best-satisfied results. The leading centres use the higher magnification of microscopes for the process of graft dissection in order to save the graft from damages that automatically increases the output ratio and meet the goal of an ideal hair transplant result. The reputed hair transplant clinics use both the 20X microscopes as well as the 200X microscopes that allow the technicians to see the graft very bigger while dissecting them and fulfill the desired goal of the hair transplant procedure.

    4. An Affordable Cost of the Procedure
      The cost of hair transplant in India is far cheaper as compared to the developed nation like USA, UK, and Europe. It has been estimated that the restoration cost applicable in India has been just one-fourth of the cost of procedure applicable in the Western World countries. The affordable cost of the procedure attracts client/patients from all over the World to visit India and get benefited by the medical tourism of India.

    On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant in India is a prevalent option and patients are interested to join the Medical tourism and get benefited by the affordable cost of the services with the utmost aesthetic result of the hair restoration procedure.


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