Ear Surgery in Mumbai

  • A defect in the ear structure that is present at the time of birth or which becomes apparent with development can be corrected with ear surgery. The main aim of ear surgery is to improve the shape, position, and the proportion of the ear. Sometimes, this ear surgery is also performed to improve hearing or to alleviate pain or to repair perforations. The best ear surgeries performed at The Microtia Trust, include microtia ear surgery, prominent ear correction, traumatic ear loss, and ear reconstruction surgery. Some of the surgeries are performed to improve congenital ear deformities. Dr. Parag Telang is a well known cosmetic and plastic surgeon who performs ear surgery in Mumbai (India) at The Microtia Trust. This trust has provided a vast opportunity for children and adults to correct their ear defects like microtia with ear reconstruction surgery. The best ear plastic surgery in India is performed by an expert ear surgeon Dr. Parag, and he is a well-trained professional in this state of the art surgery. The cost of ear surgery in Mumbai varies widely depending upon the type of ear surgery and the purpose of the surgery. To know more about the ear surgeries, get in touch with The Microtia Trust.


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