My Experience With Sclerotherapy Oak Brook

  • I am a very precautious person. This gets to a lot of people in my life but it also ensures that every decision I make is the best at the time. I am even worse when it comes to choices of what to use or can be used on my skin. See, I have allergies that sometimes determine my life. This therefore explains why when I first heard of Sclerotherapy, I was not too eager to use it. A friend however, challenged me to research on it then try it. I did.

    How safe is it?

    Compared to several other skin rejuvenation options I found in my research, Sclerotherapy oak brook seemed by far one of the safest. The sclerosant used is mild and the doctors allow for a skin test prior to the procedure. This assured me that I would not end up with a face that looked fried!

    Length of the process

    This is what I loved most about the procedure. The doctor takes very little time, especially since not so much work needed to be done. He assured me that even when he had to do a more detailed procedure, Chicago Sclerotherapy does not take long. More to this, the side effects I had were a simple redness that lasted a couple of days then faded. Besides that, it’s like my skin just refreshed itself naturally!


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