How do you use a massaging pen?

  • Step : 1 Insert the 1 AA battery in the provided compartment.
    Step : 2 Turn the device on by holding it with the tip on the upper side and pressing the lower half of the black toggle button. On starting the device, number 1 must appear on the display screen. The power of the device can be increased up to 9.
    Step : 3 Put a little amount of contact gel on the inner part of the wrist.
    Step : 4 Use the device on medium-low setting (between 3 to 5) and press the tip to the wrist firmly. If you do not feel the pulsation, choose the higher setting. If you feel the stinging sensation on the skin, apply more Contact Gel to the skin.
    Step : 5 Keep the tip sliding continuously until a strong pulse is felt. Finding a strong pulse is important as it indicates that you have found an acupoint and you are stimulating it. It is okay to hold the Accu pointer directly on the acupoint or massage the point along the associated meridian. Usually, the pulsations are found throughout the entire length of the meridian. The locations of the acupoints and the meridians are provided at the end of this booklet.alt text


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