How does a skin scrubber work?

  • *Cartel Skin Scrubber or skin Spatula by Capitan Green is an exfoliation formula based on water that needs to be used on wet skin. This blackhead removal tool creates sound waves in order to gently cleanse the skin for rapid recovery. The skin scrubber decomposes melanin, through the action of voltage, to deep clean the skin, allowing the skin cells to recover its luster and elasticity.

    • As a result of its high-frequency cleansing technique and the ability to increase blood circulation, this skin scrubber is an effective tool to remove blackheads. It works effectively on all skin types.

    • The stainless-steel skin spatula allows blackheads and dead skin to be removed to make your skin clearer without causing any side effects to the skin.

    • Many aestheticians recommend this blackhead removal tool as it improves the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients following comedo exfoliation.

    • The skin scrubber is equipped with a fast-charging USB data cord. It can be charged without any difficulty through PC USB ports, power banks, and mobile phone chargers.
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