Last year I got sick and had to go on antibiotics for 4 weeks. Bactrim, cipro and a lot of topical creams to kills a STREP A viral infection post surgery (yes I have a good lawyer lol)

    After the doctor released me I spent a year with reoccurring sinus and ear infections. Inner ear Vestibular and Vertigo. The antibiotics weren't working.

    I found out that I had actually destroyed the flora in my stomach from antibiotics which meant my immune system was crashing.

    My dear customer ANKE called me and told me about a very amazing treatment that restores the flora and creates natural probiotics for the gut which translates to the face and hair VERY quickly.

    Purchase 1 head of cabbage.
    Purchase 1 container of rock salt (pink or blue,. look for it)
    distilled water
    1 large mason jar.

    Peel the outer leaves, about 5 and set them aside uncut. Cut up the cabbage in strings like sauerkraut style. In a bowl shake out about 2 tablespoons of salt and fluff it up into the shreds.

    Put cabbage into mason jar about 2 fingers high. With wooden spoon press cabbage into jar like you are 'cramming' it in as tight as you can go. Apply another 2 fingers full. Wooden spoon… cram, cram, cram. Another 2 fingers, cram, cram. Until you get 2 inches from the top. The cabbage should be tight!!!

    Go get your distillate and pour only enough to the line of your cabbage.

    Those outer leaves? Roll them like a cigar and bend them and push them into the last 2 inches… This is just for the purpose of taking up the remaining air!!!

    Now go find a dark closet, about 70 degrees. Put it away for 3 days. This is creating natural probiotics. Its actually going to be organic sauerkraut!!
    When you open it up, if there are some black spots in the top leaves, just cut them out,.
    You can eat 1/2 a cup a day as a natural supplement which will make your skin GLOW! Your hair will GROW and you will be so regular in the intestines you will lose 5 pounds of waste!

    And your immune system and energy level is going to go through the roof!!

    Go to youtube for instructional video PROBIOTIC SALAD

  • I must try that, sounds cool...thank you!

  • thanks for sharing it.

  • Interesting. I have never heard of anything like this before but yes I do want my skin to glow!

  • so tempting thank you

  • Intriguing. I have never known about anything like this how ever yes I do need my skin to sparkle!

  • Being happy and stress free is the best recipe for hair and skin, then comes good food and using other products for the same.


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