Styling a Little Black Dress

  • Hi, I'm Lucy Smith and I'm gonna show you how to style a little black dress. So when it comes to the little black dress there's so many different variations and different lengths that the little black dress comes in. The classic fit is something like this where you have the princess lines and that hugs the body and actually is very flattering. It's universally flattering for many different shapes. Just by simply swapping out accessories you can really change the look of the little black dress from classic to trendy and anything in between. I have an example here of the little black dress with just some gold accessories that you really don't need a whole lot to, to overwhelm the little black dress because it's the centerpiece of the look and by adding a pair of leopard print heels like this you'll complete your look with your little black dress.

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  • Lucy you got some 'splaynin to do'! DEMO!
    Next time… try fewer spam links.. and maybe a better text?

  • hmm, good one. I will try..

  • Hmmm looking nice well Hot pink, baby blue, or purple
    Those are just colors that I think look good with [url=]black dress[/url].

  • Looking cool... I try this color occasionally..

  • This dress will look good on any girl with good figure.

  • This dress looks good to me, It can suit on any girl. Today girls wear these kind of Dresses and it suits on them. Show us some more of them

  • The most classic clothes is always little black dress.

  • You don’t need much efforts to style a little black dress, if your looking for a casual look you can always go with denim jacket and a causal shoes with very light or no makeup and a cute little bag pack, but if you’re looking to glam up your little black dress just pair it up with heels and a classy sling bag with good makeup. Easiest way to pull of a black dress


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