I watch Hoarders and cringe...

  • I could never imagine living in a state of hoarding and confusion. I cannot exist in clutter…but I do have a junk spot that I put everything I am 'working on',. but thats the end of my confessional. Everything else has order and reason.

    I do have quite a few 'treasures' that I need to sell. Not for the money…but mostly because it was a purchase that was emotional.. or it simply does not fit me and I'm too lazy to return it (or not enough time… I'm not lazy I swear)..

    One site I find fascinating is www.poshmark.com and you can find me here most nights after 10 pm. I snuggle up with my kitties and my iPad in bed… and I put on Tivo recordings of HOARDERS, extreme!!.. and I scroll through poshmark.com.

    I've used this site for a year to buy new items, or gently used.. NOT because I'm cheap.. but I'm very set in my ways. When I like a certain brand… I like to have MULTIPLE items of the same. For instance my sunglasses are ROCAWARE but sadly they stopped making them. I WILL put the brand into the search browser and find SUNGLASSES ALL OVER THE USA..
    And I can tell you.. as far as safety and community.. this site has been incredible!!!
    I text with the seller (or buyer) we make agreements, we make side deals.. nobody has ever taken advantage of me!!!

    So next time you're bored watching TV and need to multi task (is there any other way?) log onto www.poshmark. In 3 steps you can list your boots without any account information!! Its quite incredible… very fast!!

    If you need help, just text me 443 835 5538


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