Start your NEW YEAR right with a commitment to your face!

  • No long lectures. The science behind exfoliation stands for itself. Your skin grow (thickens) at a rate of .01 micron per cycle (month). The weight of the thickening skin,.added with the inability to hydrate itself with its OWN dna....your cells begin to starve,suffocate,atrophy and melanin is about the only thing you can produce through sweat and moisture (hyperpigmentation) SO you grow creases, your skin falls and begins to darken. WELCOME TO 2014... it doesn't have to end this way!!

    Anything you can use (preferably Perfect Complexion) but take ME out of the equation. What if you had a micro dermabrasion machine? FINE.. its better than doing nothing!!

    Just removing the cycles 'regrowth' is enough to keep your skin younger looking by not aging rapidly. IF you want to TRULY turn back time ( I wish I had music inserts b/c I would insert CHER'S, 'IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME')... you only need to implement a few things!!

    If you need to remove 10 years, or more.. the answer is, and always has been, 2-3 peels per cycle, to remove .03 micron. Your skin grows .01 and you remove .03.. its a math problem but one that equals 'YOUNGER SKIN'.

    TCA Complex with a retinoid to expedite.


  • I used to think I would never need a regimen for my face but it turns out, now in my mid 20's, I enjoy it. I think when you take care of your skin the right way, you not only age slower but age more beautifully.

  • I love that picture! Your cat is super cute and like a rag doll! Also, you have very beautiful skin!

  • A skin care routine should be followed in the mid-20s to get a beautiful and healthy skin. These methods are not hard or tiring. The sooner you will start, the better it will be. There are a very few things you should always consider; like removing your make up before going to bed, sunscreen should be your buddy, you should never fidget with your pimples in anyway, and cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be done. If you could follow this simple skin care routine, you would be able to reduce the signs of ageing and have a radiant and healthy looking skin.:)


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