SPRING is coming.. what has winter done to your face?

  • Short and sweet...we have less than 8 weeks until SPRING is here and if your skin is etched with lines andv your pigment is light and dark.. You BARELY have enough time to get it primed!!

    JUST BIPASS everything and start with tca complex using one simple swipe every week. THIS WILL yield about 4 full face exfoliations and make your face GORGEOUS!!!

  • Less than 8 weeks until Spring- whoa! My face and body are not ready!:))

    Thanks for the reminder Jules, love the TCA complex and it is an easy one to bring into the skincare routine with major results. Did my swipe last night and today got huge compliments on my skin. For me, the first day after a peel my skin is taut and refined. No one knows what I did, but they can tell I did something.

    Ready for warmer temperatures, now if you could only go into the lab and create something to erase the weeks of hibernation eating we all have done. Ha! Ready to get back on track with healthy eating and beautiful skin. Bring on Spring!!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :))

  • Finally, spring has arrived. Thankfully, winters went joyfully over my skin. It didn't damage my skin. All credit goes to Life cell skincare product.

  • Spring is really close here. Thank goodness. I have slathered myself with Vaseline all winter long.

  • Today is March 16th. AS I write this I can hear my husband getting our shovels out and moving our lawn furniture around. Why? Because I live in MARYLAND and we are expecting 6+ inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. This winter has RUINED my lovely yard and trees.. My grass looks like a mud pie cow field. Yesterday we went treasure hunting in sneakers and hoodies... Today I am pulling my UGGS out, getting them ready for what I can only PRAY will be, 'ONE LAST HORAAH'. Last year at this time Cherry Blossoms were blowing on my porch and daffodils were peaking their heads up to feel the warm sun. I just heard a salt spreading truck drive by my window. This is like having your period on your wedding day. It SUCKS!!! ❤

  • I use Jarvis Cream & Serum and would like to say thanks to Jarvis to provide too good product. It works like natural remedies do.

  • I like products that offer you bulk for beauty! haha I will have to check this out if it is still available. I love a dewy feel to my skin 🙂

  • After every winter my face looks all red, dry, meh. I plan on staying on top of things so it doesnt get as bad this winter.


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