For Sensitive Skin

  • Hi Katrine, I raccomend two products.
    Caudalie OVERNIGHT RECOVERY OIL this unique blend of 6 actove and 100% natural oils melts into skin to nutrish the epidermis deep
    down, repair the skin barrier and soothe sensitive skin. Apply 6 drops in the evening.
    Caudalie VINOSOURCE SORBET This lightweight gel moisturizer has an immedite and long-lasting calming and soothing action. Apply morning and evening.

  • Sensitive skin use natural products, otherwise moisturizer more beneficial for sensitive skin.

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    Sensitive skin use natural products, otherwise moisturizer more beneficial for sensitive skin.

    Home made remedies are also good... I am using turmeric with curd and honey, from past few days....

  • Sensitive skin used natural products more beneficial your skin.

  • I like Alba Botanica's skin care. It is paraben free. I use the even tone night cream. It is very thick but really keeps my skin smooth.

  • You can't go wrong with anything really that is paraben free. Formulas made for sensitive skin just have less fragrance and parabens in them.

  • Hi,

    Don't waste time in cream to glow your skin. It will just waste our time. I have used it But found no results.

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  • Why you use cream on your own when you consult about your skin with [url=][b]skin specialist in Delhi[/b][/url]. You know doctors know more than you and he/she will give better treatment cream for your skin. Just consult at your nearest doctor.

  • Anyone who worried for skin problem . my skin are very acne and every time my skin are alurgies then i'm used organic products . this is so gud product and result is very good . Castor oil for this best for skin


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