Rosacea...most of us have a mild form...

  • There are many 'faces' of rosacea. Thinning of the dermis,.your skin becomes pink quickly,. flushes faster. That might be all you ever have. With sun damage and strong skincare regimes,. its a wonder that there aren't a lot of people visibly suffering.
    More extreme cases show deep congested pores, even infection. These cases need medical intervention, antibiotics and a life plan!

    You would know if you had it in severe way. It burns,.peels and tiny white head forms. Most deems consider Rosacea... ACNE. The other half of the world believes there are 2 types. Rosacea thinning of the skin and Acne Rosacea. I believe the latter.

    First photo is a normal light seasonal case of Rosacea which we ALL have to some extent. Even in a small patch. Best method of action is a few IPL treatments. This light therapy zaps the vessels and leaves the complexion gorgeous. Cost = $300 per treatment, usually 4 treatments for $1,000. Pain is mild. Topical lidocaine is used and goggles both client and technician. 30 minutes. Feels like a rubber band snapping.

    Second photo is the congested type that requires medical care. Oral meds and light therapy and a life plan with non irritating skincare. These clients should never administer a peel onto their tender skin.

  • I just started getting rosacea last year. I also have keratosis pilaris. Both started around the same time so I feel they are connected some how. I have always have soft and beautiful, clear skin. So this is a bit of a nightmare for me. Uggg. I am thankful it is only mild but the KP seems to be spreading.


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