Has anyone use Dead Sea Salt as a sole treatment for psoriasis?

  • I am interested in buying some but i want to know if it has worked for anyone else before? There are no creams that work for me, sunlight isn't doing much so i thought id try it. I have it all over my body so thought it could be the easiest way to treat myself if it works. If you have tried it how did it work for you? and how long did you soak for? and how often per week did you bathe in it?

    Thanks Heaps!

  • I think seeing a good derm and trying RX ELOCON cream first.. to get into REMISSION., dead sea salt will just irritate a condition that needs CALMING,. and redirection of the white cells, to heal from within. I'M ALL ABOUT NATURAL..but if you have diagnosed Psoriasis...its in your blood stream,. so it needs be in remission.. THEN you can do whatever you wish to keep it from reoccuring!!

  • I haven't tried any myself but I do love mixing olive oil with sea salt and using it as a scrub for me legs. It really softens them and makes them glow.

  • I love scrubs with natural elements in them. And yes, you have to be so careful with skin issues and salt. Detox then get to scrubbing!


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