Tan fading... what now!!!??

  • So its FALL.. and as we get a little lighter..we see some changes in our skin!!
    Even 'light gardening' has left its mark. We can't avoid the sun. You do the best you can do with your sun blocking and shading...BUT you have to undo the damage. Yes.. its TIME TO PEEL! (julie's happy dance)

    Sidebar: I endorse exfoliation and resurface peels all year long. I know you all take a summer break... and I am fine with that!

    But it is time to reverse those few months of sun (which equal 2-3 years of premature aging!) Gulp... (double Gulp)

    Dig out one of those samples I sent you last year! Yep..the light yellow ones.
    You don't have to do very much. In fact.. I give you full permission to add 3 peasizes to your cleanser for 3 days straight. Skip 4 days and then do 2 days. skip 4 days and do 1 day. That is going to be enough to show you a remarkable result!!

     Getting back our pre summer smooth and flawless face doesn't require down time or having layers of skin lifting!! 

    You can encourage a good slough with a very light overnight application (and I mean 1 peasize of TCA Latte or infusion peel mixed into your night cream). .This application alone will yield a nice exfoliation!!

    Remember "Less is More".. you can always repeat a treatment. Go slow! Your skin secretes INVALUABLE amounts of its own DNA repairing secretions through your oil ducts... So go slow and do light peels!!

    I just read that there were 10 saturdays until christmas!!

  • 10 Saturdays until Christmas??? Yikes!! that is a scary thought!!

    Love the fact that we can mix in the infusion peel with our night cream, can we use the bioidentical hylauronic protein as a base for mixing? Since we both tend to be a bit oilier the bioidentical hylauronic protein is our go to for everything. Love it so much for compressing but also as a finishing step at night.

    Thanks for the advise Jules!! Ready to peel away that dead skin and GLOW!!

  • I think its time you changed your avatar picture to the GORGEOUS BLONDE BOMBSHELLS ❤

  • So sweet, thanks Jules. Neither one of us are very tech savy, but surely we can figure out a picture! Hope you had a good Monday!

  • I know this is old but I wanted to add that exfoliating with coffee with give your skin a nice healthy glow throughout winter into spring when used weekly.

  • Winter is always the worst season for my skin. It is dry, flakes, itches. I am already turning into a walking salt shaker over here! 😞


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