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  • There are many skin care tips you can find over internet but here is the real and effective skin care tips which really work for you.

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  • Taking a bath daily actually damages and ages the skin. You are only suppose to keep 5 ares clean on a daily basis and that is the mouth, the ears, the butt, the crotch, and the armpits.

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  • Exercise regularly. Running, jogging and yoga will give your body the necessary blood circulation, and also keeps your body fit. Try to sleep at least 8 hours every night. Drink lots of water daily, at least 8 glasses if not more. Wash your face with warm water, three times a day, and gently massage your face in circular motions, ensuring that the cleanser

  • Skin care is an important thing as skin is the most exposed part of our body. It needs extra care. In order to know skin care tips kindly read:

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  • Drinking lots of water daily is very essential to avoid skin related problems. Also do exercise regularly and keeps you body fit and healthy skin. for more about skin care visit :

  • First things first – wipe off the overnight product build-up and dirt. It is similar to rubbing off the previous day’s notes on a writing board. It is best to use a cleansing oil to do so, as they freshen and awaken your face. They prepare your face well for the subsequent skin procedures.

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