[NEW] Mobile Version of SkinChat.net

  • Hello,

    New feature is implemented. Skin Chat now have mobile/lite version,which is automatically triggered when you visit http://www.skinchat.net from a mobile device.

    It is important and key feature when you are surfing on mobile device/tablet as pages will load extremely fast and there will be no "window breaking" as this is responsive design. All features remain as on computer version.:)

    Edit : Added new attachment from my phone,and desktop version.

    If you are experiencing slow internet,you may manually switch to lite/mobile version by clicking button "Mobile Version" located in footer(down) of the board.

    Should i place "Mobile Version" button in header(top) of board? What do you folks think?

  • Genius! I'm downloading now!!!

  • [quote='Julie Robins' pid='375' dateline='1402263357']
    Genius! I'm downloading now!!!

    You just have to open the URL http://www.skinchat.net in your phone's browser and mobile version will be triggered automatically 😉

  • Hello guyzzzz am new here,


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