Hot Stone Massage – For Men & Women

  • Has anyone tried Hot Stone Massage ?

    It helps you relax, rejuvenate and feel lighter. Transition into dreamland as the stones work at a muscular level to make you feel instantly lighter.

    I have tried it and it made me feel lighter.

    Basically it is for those who have

    • muscular pain
    • poor circulation
    • rheumatic and arthritic conditions
    • back pain
    • stress
    • insomnia

    By taking this massage you can get relief from all these.
    Must try it really works

  • No, i have not tried hot stone massage. I would plan to try it and get its benefits during winter.

  • I have had this done once and omgosh it was like heaven! I remember feeling so at peace for a good 3 days. I wish I could still afford it now!

  • These are so beneficial but I have no one in my area who does them so it is hard to get them done. The closest is 45 minutes away which is a bummer.


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