Botox Injections

  • Many of us want to look younger but without surgery. The area in which age is most unforgiving is the face, with lines appearing in men and women from the late twenties onwards.

    Here at the Premier Laser Clinic, they can provide Antiwrinkle Treatment (Also know as Botox Injections or Botox Treatment) for the facial area in the City of London covering West London, East London and areas such as Clapham, Kingston, Notting Hill and Aldgate. They are also easily accessible from South London and West London.

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  • Botox injection non surgical treatment remove wrinkles and lines around the eyes and lips.

  • I just watched BOTOX injections used on the platysmal bands of the neck however but be very cautious and pick someone who does this regularly, as there are some vital structures in the neck that must not be disturbed.
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    I would also recommend having a formal consultation with a plastic surgeon, as oftentimes Botox is not the answer, but rather a neck lift - this can give a very natural, durable result.
    Botox can flatten the neck folds that hang down if they're not too big. This makes a more sharp angle at the neck on profile which looks younger. It can also help diminish fine horizontal creases but Botox does not work as well on all patients...some may not get improvement. If the sight of your neck really bothers you then schedule a consultation with a Botox expert.

    It's not unusual for patients to develop platysmal bands during the facial aging process. These bands occur because a separation exists in the midline between the paired platysma muscles. With aging and the development of loose facial skin these muscles develop bands along their inner borders.
    The vast majority of patients with platysma bands in the skin will require a facelift. In some cases where platsyma bands are mild and patients hope to avoid a facelift, botox may be used as a temporizing maneuver.
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    The treatment of platysmal bands with botox requires a significant amount of technical skill. When not performed correctly this procedure can result in difficult swallowing. It's therefore important to perform a careful analysis of the neck before proceeding with botox injections of platysma bands. Although this procedure is rarely indicated, in some cases it may yield excellent results.

  • I know someone who got them done and now she can't stop. She looks so bad and I don't have the heart to tell her!!

  • I could never trust something like this. Maybe it was how I was raged never being around it but plastic surgery of any kind freaks me out.

  • Botox can be harmful. But instead stem cells can help. They are just the live cells which helps in rejuvenation.

  • For me, the beauty of Botox is that, done by a skilled injector, it can provide amazing results and postpone more drastic measures. Also, even in worst case scenario if results are not optimal, it only lasts a few months, so not a long-term commitment.

  • Botox injections are a famous approach to incidentally delete almost negligible differences and wrinkles on the face. [url=]Botox Injections[/url]

  • I never wanted to try botox injection as I know natural is whats best.

  • True, but some people prefer them, because the results are faster, last longer and needs little efford. Just need to visit a good botox clinic and experienced specialists. For people living in Mississauga or any other place in GTA, MDA Medical Aesthetics Institute ( is a good option. Give them a call and see if it works for you.

  • I have gone through an article. that tells all about botox like uses, side effects and dosage. Hope, It can help you.

  • Hey, nice article! Thanks for sharing. I have been contemplating getting Botox for a long time now and have done a lot of research too. I came across these articles that talk about Botox, its unique properties, and how it works as a wrinkle treatment. Another one talks about why Botox is becoming so popular among people in their twenties. You can take a look here:

  • Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) is made from the bacteria that cause botulism. It is also known as botulinum toxin type A and can block the nerve movement in the muscles causing a short-term paralysis in muscle activity.
    Botox is used for the treatment of muscle spasm in the hands and arms, rigorous spasm in the neck muscles, severe underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis), cervical dystonia, and also helps in prevention from chronic migraine headaches. Botox is also used in cosmetic surgeries to treat various skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, etc. that are caused because of aging. Also, when used for cosmetic reasons, Botox treatment can cause side effects. you can get more information at

  • Botox injections are the first-rate acknowledged of a group of medicines that use numerous styles of botulinum toxin to briefly paralyze muscle pastime. This toxin is produced with the aid of the microbe that reasons botulism, a sort of meals poisoning.

    Botox injections are stated in the main for the ability to reduce the arrival of a few facial wrinkles. They're also used to deal with such problems as repetitive neck spasms (cervical dystonia), immoderate sweating (hyperhidrosis), overactive bladder and lazy eye. Botox injections might also assist save you chronic migraines in a few people.


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