7 Cups of Water in a Day. Did you do it???

  • 06:30 Get rid of toxin
    08:30 Be Healthier
    11:00 Refresh and relax oneself
    12:50 Reduce burden and loss weight
    15:00 Energizing oneself
    17:30 Digestion and absorption
    22:00 Promote digestive system and blood circulation

  • I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! Everyone has a CLOCK TIMER on their IPHONE. Its that AP that looks like a wall clock. You can set your alarm to beep every 1 hour or 2 hours.. WHAT an easy way to get into the habit of sipping your water!!! SET your timer every 2 hours! ITS EFFORTLESS!!! PROVEN FACT that you'll be at least 10 pounds lighter in a few months.... among OTHER amazing benefits. GO GET YOUR PHONE AND SET YOUR ALARMS NOW!!!!
    when you do it, post "I DID IT"!!!
    I DID IT!!!!! xxxx Julie

  • guess I'm alone. Ok, its OK.. I'm fine with being the HOT GIRL lol ❤

  • I am going to try this. I need to get off the "Coca-Cola"... 2-3 liter of Coke is no good with only few sips of water..

    Thank you! 🙂

  • way too much water for me; would be going to the bathroom all day long if i drank that much

  • I carry a bottle with me everywhere. I drink a good amount of water every day I feel. Sometimes I know I didn't get enough when my body is in slug mode.

  • Water cleanses your skin and gives you clear complexion and hydrates the skin,purifies the blood and Helps you flush out the toxins and be healthy.


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