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  • Hi,
    I am searching for cosmetic surgery clinics in Mumbai...Plz suggest me...

  • Whatever you do, do NOT use online ratings. Plastic Surgery centers can manipulate feedback by entering posts daily to bury bad comments. Its a known fact. Also your doctor should be an MD, not a specialist. Did you know that the makers of a certain laser or breast implant can train a board certified surgeon,. an orthopedist, podiatrist, dentist even,. and train them HOW TO PERFORM BREAST INHANCEMENT,. and based on their credentials they are approved to perform this surgery. NOT being an MD,. if anything happens to you,. they are not licensed or trained to help you. If you have a heart attack during surgery, they cannot legally assist you because they are NOT LICENSED MEDICAL DOCTORS, they are licensed as the specialist, or whatever they are. Learned this the hard way. ALWAYS LOOK FOR THE MD ON THE COAT,. AND board certification. There are alot of 'clinics' and 'surgi-centers' out there. People die every day at surgical centers due to errors. They limit for liability for wrongful death has a preset balance,. its a sick world we live in. DO your home work. AND FOR GODS SAKE, HAVE YOUR SURGERU PERFORMED IN A HOSPITAL,. it is an absolute LIE that is is cheaper in a surgical center!!!

  • A lot of forums do something where they have someone ask a question then reply to it as well for business.

  • Enhance Clinics - Khar West

    346-A, Linking Road,

    Khar West,Mumbai 400052.

    Ph: (022)26464455/ 26462255

  • Yes, Enhance Clinics is really good.

  • Dr. Suruchi Puri is one of the [url=]Best Dermatologist In Delhi[/url]. For those of you that don't recognise, dermatologists are medical examiners who concentrate on treating you for various pores and skin and hair problems. There are numerous factors which could purpose your pores and skin to deteriorate. Internal elements along with hormones, strain and digestive problems as well as external elements such as way of life conduct which would include consumption of junk meals, alcohol, utilization of low first-class creams and different skin care products, are a number of the number one motives. The shortage of a healthful surroundings too, plays a pivotal position in the damage this is induced to your pores and skin. The choice to own sparkling perfect pores and skin is every man and girl's need. But at the same time as foods and drinks can be managed, hormones and different biological complications require the intervention of dermatologists delhi from the sector.

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