Is it bad to cover up acne?

  • I read that using makeup over acne will not only make it worse, but cause the toxins to seep back into the skin and cause dryness and redness. Should you go in the buff? (no foundation)

  • I never thought of it like this. I think it is okay so long as you use a light foundation with minimal ingredients but also do not leave it on your skin for more than 8 hours.

  • Hei i can advice you something good for acne easy to use but it does need products. I do wish it comes with a serum and antiseptic I found it helped my skin in acne areas, and it helped in reducing my redness. products absorb after using it. my skin did flake and regenerate with it so I was happy about that. it's not painful at all unless in thin skin areas. i bought this product on they offer 6 in 1 derma roller it's really helpful use it try why spend money on treatments try derma roller


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