Best acne soaps/washes

  • Only two have worked for me and that is Alba Botanica's line called Acnedote and Neutrogena's Acne scrub (the orange one). I only use the second one when I feel I need to, and never on my face. I sometimes get seasonal break outs on my shoulders and tops of my thighs. Clears it up in 3 washes.

  • I find that using toner is more important then the right wash. I use Humphrey's organic witch hazel with cucumber and it is quite nice.

  • Nubian Heritage/Sundial Creations.
    Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar.
    Activated Charcoal Soap Bar.
    Dudu Osun.
    Organic African Black Soap.
    Grisi Sulfur.
    Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar.
    Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar.

  • Try Bioderma’s sebium moussant body gel to deal with acne prone skin. I’ve been using since a couple of month and it really turned out quite well for me.


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