I like a tan but don't want the aging!

  • Is there a happy medium between getting a tan and not over doing it? Like if I do it slowly rather then as fast as possible? I am talking natural tanning outside, not tanning beds.

  • I would suggest going into the sun for 20 minutes max then being in the shade for 40 minutes. This way you get sun but you give your skin the chance to rest.

  • Hello I am an independent consultant for Rodan & Fields. We are the fastest growing skincare in America. We have sunless self tanner that is amazing!! Get the tan look without the aging!! If you would like more information you can go to my website https://bpatten.myrandf.com/

  • Isn't Roden and Fields the makers of Pro Active? I'm a skin chemist with my own line and I recommend MANY clients to proactive!!! Did not know they did a tanner!!

    I make Perfect Tan by Perfect Complexion. You store in a zip bag with a towel and you just wipe down after you dry from your shower and redo it when you need to..... VERY fast and remarkable results.
    I think I need to see the Rodan Fields product!!!!

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  • Its always better to use natural stuff for health care. These are safe and easily available. You can find some amazing tips that act naturally at https://zovon.com/home-remedies/skin-care/7-effective-skin-brightening-lightening-solutions/


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