You anti-aging regimine?

  • What steps do you take each morning/night to fight off the wrinkles and keep the luster and glow?

  • I do a wash, while brushing my teeth the soap sits on my skin. I rinse after then apply a light lotion before bed. That is about it right now.

  • My anti-aging regime includes Revitol Anti-aging cream from revitol dot us and serum. It is widely spread over the globe today because of its highly advanced solution and natural ingredients. Its advanced technology has even managed to surpass the cosmetic surgeries, botox, and facelifts. The anti-aging treatment from Revitol is extremely successful in eliminating almost all the aging signs like wrinkles, crows feet, saggy skin, pigmentation and fine lines.

  • I'll give that a shot. Do you apply it once a day and does it matter when?

  • First you should start intake of antiaging foods that will give you all the nutritive supplements required for your skin. it will you heal you internally. Also u can use aloe vera.

  • Aging is natural, you can't control it. But there are several ways to look and feel young like foods, use of cosmetics and medications. Among them, food is the most important one because they will provide you the sufficient amount of nutritive elements to your skin that can help you to maintain your youngness. You can also get some more information on antiaging regime and other health information on

  • We all are aware of the incontrovertible fact that aging can neither be delayed nor prevented. Moreover, the worst aspect is that its signs usually begin to appear on the most conspicuous part of our body, i.e., skin. Fortunately, there exist some ways that can help delay aging and keep our skin free of wrinkles and fine lines. Read further to know about these anti-aging tips:

    Get Proper Sleep:

    We all know that sleep is crucial to the health of our mind and body. Simultaneously, it helps maintain youthfulness. If you do not get enough sleep, i.e., 8 to 9 hours a day, chances are there that you may look 10 years older than your actual age in the next 5 years. Do not sleep with your face pressed against the pillow. This may develop sleep lines on your face, which can eventually turn into wrinkles.

    Use Antiaging Creams and Serums:

    Choosing the right antiaging cream or serum according to the skin type can help you achieve better results. This would ensure a healthy, glowing skin devoid of wrinkles and age spots.

    Use Face Wash, Toner and Moisturizer:

    To keep skin wrinkle-free, wash your face with a face wash, use a toner and if required, a moisturizer. While using a moisturizer, make sure it is of good quality. This will help you maintain the desired elasticity and general health of your skin. You may also go for a gentle face cleanser. According to a research, the ability of the skin to absorb active ingredients from skin care products is maximum during night. So, apply skin care products at night for best results.

    Drink Plenty of water:

    Drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day will make your skin glow and leave a radiant shine on your skin, making you look younger. Also, drink milk as it has hydrating properties that give moisture and prevent dryness. Also, it reduces darkening of skin, which is also a sign of aging.

    Include Calcium in Your Diet:

    People with normal calcium level in their skin are less prone to premature skin aging with fewer chances of developing skin cancer. Topical products that contain calcium have antiaging and anticancer benefits. Calcium also helps in the rejuvenation of skin.

    Take Vitamins Each and Every Day:

    Taking vitamin supplements daily, particularly Vitamin E and C along with antioxidant tablets, can maintain the health and youthfulness of your skin.

    Drink Green Tea:

    Rich in antioxidants, green tea prevents aging. It reduces the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease, helps maintain the bone density and works against vision issues that come with aging.


    Do we even need to tell you this? It is a sure-shot way to prevent aging. People, who have a sedentary lifestyle with minimal physical activity, age faster as compared to those, who are active and exercise regularly. Research has established that exercise can help prevent aging. You can go for jogging in the morning. You can even undertake activities like swimming, cycling etc.

    Use Sunscreens:

    The role of sunscreens is not just limited to protection against sunburns and cancer but further extends to the prevention of premature aging. Recent research shows that sunscreens protect against photo-aging, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity that are caused due to sun’s radiation.

    Take Care of Your Teeth:

    If your teeth rot or turn black, it will affect your looks and rob you of your youthfulness. So, it is best to take care of your teeth and make sure it does not destroy your appearance.


    Meditation helps preserve the peace of your mind and keep your body healthy.

    Skin Exfoliation:

    Exfoliation is a great way to revive your skin. It removes dead skin, unclogs skin pores, and improves the overall look and feel of the skin. However, one should not exfoliate more than once a week as it may turn the skin dry. This especially holds true for winters.

    Pamper Yourself:

    Go for a spa and get a full-body massage. This not just rejuvenates your skin, but also tightens the otherwise saggy skin. Go out during weekends as these small activities can bring out the glow in you and lift up your spirits.

    Keep a Positive Attitude:

    Maintaining a positive attitude towards every facet of life is sure to keep you stress-free. Stress is one of the major causes of aging and wrinkles. Thus, for a wrinkle-free skin, it is must to have a good and positive attitude towards life.

    Laugh Often and Curtail Stress:

    Laughing releases stress, which prevents the development of early signs of aging. It is best to spend quality time with friends and family.

  • I, think eating foods are the best thing that will give you a bunch of nutrients. These nutrients are essential to maintain the regular biochemical process of body. It can help you to get away the aging affects up to certain extent. the food that contain antioxidants are good for the health. you can find this article entitled "Top 20 Antioxidant-Rich Foods " at zovon or you can click it


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