How badly does smoking age the skin?

  • I have seen women who smoked 15+ years who look 10 years younger then most women their age, but then I see women who are 10 years younger than me who smoke and look like they are in their 30's!

  • It depends on what the person smokes, other stress levels, how well their hygiene is. I can go on and on. Some people naturally age faster and it has nothing to do with smoking or not smoking.

  • Yes, smoking leads you towards the age. it causes the early sign of premature aging. Smoking also causes several disease condition that leads you towards your end. I have found an article " how to give up smoking" at zovon. It can help you to quit smoking.

  • Smoking affects the blood vessels, which deliver oxygen and nutrients to the entire body. When the skin is deprived of these essential nutrients, changes begin to develop, even at an early age. Smokers can appear pale or have uneven skin tone as a result of their nicotine habit.


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