What would you get done...

  • If money was not a problem? Would you get anything done? I used to say I would get lipo and a boob job when I was a teen... No way in hell or high water would I get plastic surgery done unless I was burned or hurt severely and needed it.

  • I agree Brit!!! Botched is a hit show on TV. Liposuction. People don't realize the MOST they can remove is 5 pounds. A Total Gym costs $800. 20 minutes per day. You can't screw it up. LIPOSUCTION starts at $4,000. You will lost 5 pounds ACCIDENTALLY in 1 week on a total gym. OR you can take a week off of work and risk dying from sepsis (I've seen it). NON SURGICAL is the way to go. If you decide when you're 50+ that your skin is sagging on your face.. a little natural FILLER is not bad. The ONLY surgery I can see is a breast lift for the purpose of spinal deformity. Again,. weight loss will help correct it.
    Watch biggest loser. Those people don't need skin lifts after their weight loss. RAPID WEIGHT LOSS by Gastric bypass will leave you with POUNDS of hanging skin. Even a morbidly obese person can start on a regimen and lose the weight and get a body that is healthy and firm. Good question!

  • Yeah I have seen people who were over 300 pounds lose a lot but they did it so slow nothing sagged at all. It takes time to put on weight, losing weight is no different.

  • This kind of stuff scares me and the people who get too much work give me nightmares. LOL

  • It takes time to put on weight, losing weight is no different.


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