ROYAL JELLY …how I love thee

  • I'm spoiled. Too many products at my finger tips. Today I got a LOVE LETTER from a customer about ROYAL JELLY w/ Ha.

    It made me run for my own bottle…

    I had 5 minutes. I wet my skin, applied it,.and let it dry..

    Hot, wet wipe…

    And WOW.

    …. My Royal Jelly sits IN THE FRONT ROW now….

    She will no doubt get pushed to the back…. because of INFUSION PEEL and TCA ALOE CLEANSER…

    ….but I won't forget to do it at LEAST twice monthly.. OR when I want to look SUPER SMASHING!!

    Today was DRIVERS LICENSE PHOTO DAY. My skin looks AMAZING.. MY HAIR LOOKED like crap. I forgot to pull it out of my hoodie…

    I am considering exercising my $25 right to RETAKE MY PHOTO…

    (extra dry shampoo and 'bring a friend to help you smile and remind you to FLUFF UP)
    It was dark at 5 pm. I want to crawl into a cocoon. Somebody wake me up when spring is here….

  • I'm in route to mix compounds and I've decided to make ROYAL JELLY a sample for this week!!

  • Oh Jules, you know how we feel about royal jelly. This is a pure STAPLE for both of us. I use it at least twice a week when I compress, even if you are short on time a 2 minute session of compressing this protein can make a big difference. For me it gives an airbrushed or like glass appearance to the skin that I never get with anything else. Sounds crazy, but I can use the royal jelly on my no peel week and I get the same look to my skin as if I had done a chemical peel.

    If I don't have time to compress I add it in to my bioidentical hylauronic protein and either leave a light film on my skin overnight or make a thicker paste and put it on trouble areas while I watch tv and then hot wipe it off after abt thirty minutes.

    If you are acne prone it is a must!! if you want smooth radiant glowy skin it is a must!

    So glad your skin looked amazing in your photo- just had to do an updated photo on a license renewal and it was so depressing. I held on to that 20 something picture as long as I could. LOL!!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  • I have never tried this myself. How does one use it and what are the key noted benefits?

  • I have used it for a few years now and have really enjoyed the benefits. It almost feels like it detoxes my skin while deeply moisturizing it.


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