Perfect Complexion Skin Care A STORY ABOUT MY MOM

  • I'm Julie, you all know me.. My website perfectcomplexionskincare. com supports this forum. I don't care who posts. I"m not on here trolling for clients. I've been selling my line world wide for 17 years and I don't advertise,. I made this forum b/c there really is NO PLACE to post your new business or your favorite beauty trick without having a team of 9 moderators approve your post. I think I've removed 2 threads in 4 years!!!

    Something I wanted to share,. MY MOM just turned 79. She's not really into skin care,. never has been. I don't push my training on her,. She's been aging the way a woman would age who does VERY LITTLE.

    A few months ago her skin was getting super dry. Nothing was helping. I decided to bring her a BOTTLE of my AMAZING DAY AND EYE CREAM ORIGINAL FORMULATION. Its thinner and fast absorbing.

    She saw how big the bottle was and decided to literally BATH her entire body and face every day....

    I forgot that I gave it to her. Now my momma has some deep wrinkles in her face and neck. Like I said,. she has aged naturally.

    One day we sat drinking a soda and splitting french fries and I looked at her skin.. I took out my phone and started taking her photos. I said.. 'MOM, YOUR NECK IS SO SMOOTH!! what happened to those lines?"

    She says "I KNOW! IT'S THAT CREAM YOU GAVE ME!!!"..
    I'm thinking.. why didn't you say something sooner.. ?????

    I had to go back into all the photos we take while we are together to PROVE this....

    And i found the photos..
    I WILL post them next. They are on my phone..

    of course NOW I bath my whole body with the cream too, lol.!!!

  • My secret to this advanced process it to use very potent blend of preserved botanicals and bio-identical proteins without the help of thickeners or heavy stabilizers. Binding this to a liposomal technique of cellular delivery will not only saturate the skin with the most powerful antioxidants, but it insures the deepest penetration through dead and live layers. Bio-identical proteins virtually mimic the structure of your skin tissue allowing the skin to thrive due to the increase in cellular metabolism.


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