What are painless methods for facial hair removal?

  • what are the painless methods to remove facial hair permanently? i am having some facial hair on my chin and cheeks. I do face a problem and feel embarrassed while going out of home. My confidence is becoming low day by day. I am not able to face anyone properly. Please tell me what to do?

  • A painless way to remove hair is just using a fine lady shaver. The myth that shaving causes the hair to come in thicker is not true when it comes to fine facial hair. Follicles don't multiply!!
    Sometimes when I see a lady with a full chin beard or long side burns I wonder why they don't simply use the little shaver to take that hair off. I've heard excuses: "Oh it just grows back".. Well YES it does grow back in a week. If someone is too busy to take 20 seconds to glide a $12 electric razor on their face to keep SMALL CHILDREN from gawking at them... Well I guess they like the attention. There is a woman at my bank and she could put her chin hair in a rubber band. I blink so fast while I talk to her. I want to put her in a head lock, whip out my razor and change her life!!

    Another method is waxing,. you can have this done for $20 at most GOOD NAIL SALONS. Painless and it lasts for about 6 weeks. And don't wait for 4 inches of regrowth to get it done again!!
    If you think you can do it yourself, wallgreens carries a sugaring kit in their 'AS SEEN ON TV' isle. No heating. This is sugar cane you can eat,. Super safe. All those PREGGOS who don't want to risk waxing their HOO0-HAZZ during pregnancy THIS STUFF IS FOR YOU AND IT TASTES LIKE COOKIE DOUGH!!
    Its ALL in the way you rip it off. A million YOUTUBE videos on HOW TO REMOVE HAIR WITH SUGAR WAX exist for your viewing. GO TO www.youtube.com and click on Sugar Waxing self tutorial.

    But if I were you... today.. I would walk into RITE AID or walmart. Go to the RAZOR ISLE. SEE THE LONG SLIM PERSONAL SHAVERS? SOME HAVE LIGHTS, They look like fountain pens!! For under $15 you can be free of this hair burden. I wouldn't even wait until I got home. I'd get in my car and put on my favorite ADELLE SONG and whip the rear view mirror around and just SHAVE THAT HAIR OFF TODAY!!.. Then go to Wendys and treat yourself to a FROSTY! Because YOU DONE GOOD!!!!! XOXOXOXOX Julie

  • Thanks Julie. Such a Praiseworthy reply. But I need to ask that what about Laser Treatment?What are your suggestions about that?

  • Lasers kill folicles at the root base. Did you know that we secrete collagen and elastin and oil though the root follicle? So imagine 40,000 pores and follicles on your face suddenly being shut down to half or less. If your skin cannot secret reparative dna then the ouster layers will have to thrive with half as much using pores as the only means. One of reasons people age so quickly from 60+ is they literally stop growing body hair. Not too many old folks have arm and leg hair. Without these root follicles our skin is functioning at half capacity. So using a laser to burn that follicle means that skin will not get the benefit of natural hydration via your own bodies production of invaluable protein.

  • ThankYou So much for your suggestions !

  • I think you should go with the Laser hair removal.

  • [url=http://abudhabicosmeticsurgery.blogspot.com/2017/05/laser-hair-removal-cost-5-things-that.html]Laser hair removal[/url] has emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in Abu Dhabi and around the world for it provides an easy and convenient alternative to hair removal. The major benefit of the treatment is that it provides a permanent solution to unwanted body hair and in most cases, hair doesn’t return at all.

  • Yeah laser hair removal is the painless way for hair removal, but you will need a number of session for the best result.

  • Painless options

    You know the professionals and cons of tearing hair out by using the root. So what is painless?

    Depilatory creams come in specific varieties, however those lotions all do the same thing. The chemical compounds weaken the hair follicle until it’s brittle enough that it is able to be wiped away. Many products also encompass agents as a way to gradual destiny boom.

    When you have hypersensitive reactions or have touchy, dry, or otherwise imbalanced skin, these lotions would possibly result in stinging and irritation, or worse—chemical burns. If your pores and skin is suitable to the creams, but, it’s a wholly painless manner that can be performed at domestic. It’s vital to keep in mind that it does want to be done often as hair regrows.

    Laser treatments

    If none of the above sounds attractive to you, then laser remedy might be worth thinking about. Laser treatment may be intimidating because of the associated prices, or the invasive nature of the strategies, but technology meant for use at home exists.

    Hair removal devices like silkn’s flash&go assist you to pass the salon visits with a one-time payment. It’s completely painless, short and smooth. Sounds too good to be proper, right? But it’s actual!

    Devices like the flash&cross are fda permitted and clinically confirmed to paintings. Like professional laser remedies, hpl (home pulsed mild) era includes the usage of high electricity mild remedy that burns hair down to its follicle, destroying the basis and stopping regrowth. It’s notably simple to use, too.

    Following the commands that come with the tool, you apply it to the places wherein hair grows—say, your upper lip—destroying the hair even as leaving the encompassing skin unaffected. Since it uses optical light energy, it’s safe for long time use.

    The only disadvantage is that for the device to paintings, there wishes to be a contrast between the pores and skin and hair—that means, people with very light, blonde hair won’t be able to use the tool, as it’s intended for mild skin and dark hair.


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