• Happy New Year to everyone who posts at SKINCHAT.NET


    Today I decided to share a little secret about staying thin or getting thin and staying thin.

    I AM REACHING out to those of you who eat LEAN CUISINE, SMART ONES, ANY low calorie microwave meal to help you stay within a normal portion size and within a calorie count.

    Here is the tip and then I will briefly tell you the reason without preaching because ya'll can google it.

    DO NOT COOK YOUR MICROWAVE MEAL in the container it comes in. NO matter HOW safe the rating is.
    Take the seal off, turn it upside and and push from the bottom and put it on a plate or a paper plate and toss the plastic out.


    When I first read the side effects of Bisphenol A I laughed. No way would food manufactures selling DIET MEALS use this harmful coating in their containers. And No way would FDA allow them to use trace amounts and still call it BPA FREE.

    With bloating and weight retention at the BOTTOM of the list of side effects ( what could be worse than weight gain from diet dinners?)
    Here is the list:

    1. Obesity
    2. Prostate Cancer
    3. Impaired Immune system -how many times have you been sick this year?
    4. Breast Cancer (FUUUuuuuuuuuuuu******)
    5. Impaired female reproduction development (bastards!)
    6. Diabetes
    7. Miscarriage -( I'm getting my gun!!)

    I'm not telling ANYONE what to do. What I am saying is to consider the fact as to WHY you can eat 3 diet meals per day at 300 calories and NOT be as skinny as a ballerina?
    To add insult to injury... those water bottles we're sucking on.. contain the same coating.

    As a science major it makes sense to me that the HEATED DINNERS would have a huge effect since I can see that the plastic has been compromised, rippled, melted, food stuck to it hard-like. And I'm ingesting that crap.

    Let me preface this by saying "I EAT LEAN CUISINE" I eat at least one per day. Broccoli Rigatoni Alfredo. With a cup of applesauce. Rocks my world!!!

    I decided on December 27 to stop using the dish that the microwave dinners come in. My purpose for eating LEAN CUISINE is that its yummy and a perfect portion. I get heart burn from most foods. I'm not trying to lose weight but I wouldn't say NO to a couple of pounds of weight loss.

    Just a fluke I ordered some new YOGA PANTS that arrived on the 5th of January. I had noticed that my boy short underpants kinda tickled me when I walked. Usually they snap tight and smooth and I wear them under my pants daily.
    So the new yoga pants came and I put a pair on and shrieked... 'DANNGIT they sent me the wrong size!! These look ridiculous baggy in the butt, the waist,."
    They didn't send me the wrong size. I'm a tall girl 5'10 I wear a L in about everything!! These pants did not stay up. I thought it was a fluke so I returned them and went DOWN to the store (VS) to buy a pair.

    And there it happened. In the dressing room... I yelled out 'EXCUSE ME, COULD YOU PLEASE BRING ME A medium/tall yoga pant?

    For the record in my home we have M&M'S, CHRISTMAS COOKIES, THOSE WINTERGREEN SINGLE WRAP LIFESAVERS THAT ARE LIKE CRACK COCAINE.. and I have been grabbing up a handful every day.

    The ONLY thing I changed was my microwave meal being transferred out of the plastic container onto a paper plate. I cover it with another plate. And funny.. it takes 1 minute less time to cook.

    NOW I WAS CURIOUS.. so I googled and found out that this BPA can cause OBESITY!!! BLOATING!!! WEIGHT GAIN!!! And the OTHER list of awful diseases I mentioned before.

    My challenge to all of your diet food dinner / lunch eaters is: TAKE IT OUT OF THE PLASTIC. Do it for a month. And then tell me what you think.

    ( I have also opted to pour my water in a cup. Who am I kidding I drink diet pepsi in a glass most days! At least I own it!!)

    Happy New Year. Toss the Tray. I hope the tip changes your life. I'll be listing all my LARGE YOGA pants on eBay lol!!


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