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Peeling treatment?

  • Hey all,
    Which is the best treatment method to get rid of sun damaged skin? My face and skin are dry and there are small reddish bumps all over my face. I had tried several treatment methods to get rid of this but none of them worked for me. Those reddish bumps make my face ugly, I don’t have the confidence to look into the mirror. One of my friends told me that chemical peel treatment ( [url=][/url] ) is the best option to deal with sun damaged skin. Is it so? Will it cause any side effects? How much will this treatment cost? Do they have any downtime? Is there any other alternative treatment methods for dry skin? Any thoughts?

  • I don't think you need peeling treatment on your face because it'll be more sensitive and also you need to stay at home if you do that. You cannot let any viruses or dirt stick on your face.


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