Peeling treatment?

  • Hey all,
    Which is the best treatment method to get rid of sun damaged skin? My face and skin are dry and there are small reddish bumps all over my face. I had tried several treatment methods to get rid of this but none of them worked for me. Those reddish bumps make my face ugly, I don’t have the confidence to look into the mirror. One of my friends told me that chemical peel treatment ( [url=][/url] ) is the best option to deal with sun damaged skin. Is it so? Will it cause any side effects? How much will this treatment cost? Do they have any downtime? Is there any other alternative treatment methods for dry skin? Any thoughts?

  • I don't think you need peeling treatment on your face because it'll be more sensitive and also you need to stay at home if you do that. You cannot let any viruses or dirt stick on your face.

  • nice information. Non-surgical facelifts have the benefit of being much less invasive than a facelift surgery. Whereas a traditional facelift requires the administration of anesthesia, and uses strategically-placed incisions to tighten skin that has lost elasticity, a non-surgical facelift is performed while the patient is fully awake and aware through the use of injectable fillers. There is less risk of complication and less pain associated with a non-surgical facelift. Still, it is important that you understand that the results of dermal fillers are more temporary and cannot produce as dramatic results as can a traditional facelift surgery. If any buddy wants a treatment of Non Surgical FaceLift in Dubai then i will suggest you Laser Skin Care Clinic.

  • Yep, chemical peels are a good option that should work, but I'm not sure. You should contact some expert on the matter. There is a good clinic in MDA Institute in Mississauga. Read more about their procedures -> I'm a regular client there and I do help them "spread the word" how good they are. They are relatively new and I love helping them reach more people online and offline. I have already advertised them among all my friends :). They are actually good at what they do.

  • Chemical Peel is good to treat sun damaged skin but dry skin and bumps could not be treat with chemical peels. you need to see the best dermatologist in town and only he will suggest you the right treatment for your three different skin problems.


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