Post hair transplant care and treatment & How to live

  • Here are some tips that you should do after the ahir transplant surgery if you want the better results.

    Avoid traveling

    Traveling may expose you to dangers that might affect the transplanted area. Likewise, traveling causes sweating which can hinder the rate of hair growth

    What to eat?

    Eat a balanced diet and take in more water to avoid dehydration. This will prevent the scalp from drying up and increased itching. Avoid spicy foods for the fact that they increase sweating

    Exercises plus gym work

    For at least two weeks, it is best that you put the two callings on a waiting list. Vigorous exercises may increase bleeding and pressure in the transplanted area. Plus, you may cause further damage on the scalp during the exercises

    Smoking and Alcohol intake

    These will prevent proper blood flow to the transplanted region, so it is better to avoid smoking until further notice from your doctor

  • Can you tell me some home remedies for hairloss.I am 21 and my hairs are falling day by day and i am very depressed because of hair fall.

  • The majority agree with bald men are assured, however whilst this is also true, there also are bald men who do no longer favor to be bald and might rather have a complete head of hair. Sadly, hair loss comes with age and is consequently an inevitable opportunity for a majority of guys after they reach a positive age. The best news is there at the moment are many approaches to cope with a receding hairline and extended baldness, one in all which is the hair transplant surgery.

    Hair transplant or surgical hair recovery is a procedure wherein hair follicles from part of the body, called the ‘donor website online’, is transferred to a bald or balding a part of the body referred to as the ‘recipient website online’. The procedure has end up popular for loads of guys, with 71% of all individuals who underwent the technique in 2013 being male.

    Given this upward thrust, it is essential that those interested by getting a hair transplant recognize what to do after the procedure, mainly in view that compliance with commands are vital to a a success hair transplant and quicker go back to daily exercises. Here are a few essential hints to follow from the instant the operation is performed till a couple of weeks later on your quest to redeem your crowning glory.

    We get requested a number of questions about what you could and may’t do after your hair transplant. Despite the fact that your hair transplant has a distinctly rapid recuperation, there are a few things we advise you keep off doing for a while.

    We advise that you take between 7-14 days off of labor, this will rely upon the scale of your system and character healing traits, that is some thing your physician will discuss with you earlier than your manner. We endorse that you do no longer swim for 14 days after your manner too, mainly in swimming pools because the chlorine content can vary significantly depending on area.

    We frequently get asked if occurring excursion after the manner is permitted, that is something we in reality advise doing. This may come up with a pleasing smash, however, it's miles essential to comply with your aftercare directions and avoid being in direct daylight for 14 days following your process (so sunbathing is out of the query).

    It is also counseled that you do now not devour alcohol for 7 days submit technique, most importantly you ought to avoid alcohol the day after your procedure.

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