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Hello :)

  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Filip aka Demo. I am your community administrator,and i am here to maintain order and security of our lovely website and all members.

    [color=#0000CD]About me[/color]:

    I am IT technician specialized in general IT and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). When i say general IT,i mean everything related to internet technologies. I must admit that i am a geek [img][/img] I am also a web developer. So if you need a website,do not hesitate to contact me 😉

    Current [color=#FF0000]private project[/color] that i am working on is [url=]Umbrella Corporation[/url]. Umbrella Corporation is a website in development,it will be dedicated to online security. Various services will be provided like :

    1. eMail - Crypted,no logs email service with smtp and pop protocols and webmail.Secured on several layers to provide anonymous service for everyone which share sensitive data.
    2. eChat - Encrypted,secured chat without logs and ability to send/share files with person in same network or jabber like server without revealing your IP address or any kind of information.
    3. 3rd - more to come. We live in insecure world where anyone can get access to your personal info.

    I wont make this introduction long,so if you have additional questions you can [url=]PM[/url] me or contact me directly via contact form on [url=]Seo Backlinks Cloud[/url].

    That is enough about me and my projects for now.

  • Happy to know that you are SEO expert and web developer too...


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