STOP LOSING HAIR NOW... this is what I did!!

  • There is alot of hype out here ESPECIALLY on Amazon when you read reviews about people growing new hair due to premature hair loss!! Trust me when I tell you MOST reviews are paid for. I am a paid for reviewer. I get a TON of emails from companies who offer me free merchandise for my positive review. So DON'T FALL for the review!!! Your body is lacking BIOTIN and COLLAGEN. These two can be found at any pharmacy over the counter. Take the suggested dose and wait 6 months. Also make SURE you are taking vitamin D!!! Pregnant women do this all the time. They forget that their body is being robbed of calcium and then their hair falls out. MAKE SURE if you are pregnant that you find out the correct mg to take for pregnant women. I PROMISE you... drink plenty of water,. brush your hair with a rubber brush to stimulate your scalp blood supply and TAKE BIOTIN, COLLAGEN AND VITAMIN D and you will be a brand new person in 1 year!!!!! STOP falling for the quick fixes,. expensive light therapy and tonics. NOTHING TOPICAL is going to get past the root / follicle. YOUR HAIR IS CREATED FROM WITHIN YOUR BODY!!!! LOVE YOU ALL!! XO JULIE!Photo on 5-18-19 at 12.28 PM.jpg Photo on 8-29-18 at 1.13 PM #3.jpg Photo on 2-22-19 at 11.58 AM #4 2.jpg


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