How do I stop my face from aging? TURN BACK THE CLOCK!!!

  • If you don't know already I'm the SKIN GURU of Perfect Complexion Skin Care products!! 47 products and I'm still inventing more!!! Breaks my heart to see woman struggling and going broke spending thousands on procedures that make them look SO BAD!!! If you do the right things NOW you wont need a plastic surgeon when you're 60!! I am 57 years old and the secret to staying facially youthful is 'NEW SKIN CELL TURNOVER AND INFUSION OF PROTEIN (BIO IDENTICAL PROTEIN,. STUFF YOUR SKIN CAN RECOGNIZE AND USE)
    After we launched the BIO TCA33 my inbox was pouring in letters of shock and awe. HOW IS THIS WORKING SO FAST.. The truth is,. its a 2 fold process. It is GOING to turn your skin over... in a few weeks.. but until it does you get the benefit of the trickery of shocking the subcutaneous layer with my pull and hydrate process!! If you follow directions it works amazing. If you don't.. you simply peel. WE STOP the process midway and hydrate it so your skin doesn't die dies slowly..and you enjoy that SMOOTH TIGHT SKIN AND GLOW for a couple weeks.. then you peel lightly.. THEN YOU DO IT AGAIN!!!! I TOOK a treatment that sells for $400 per application and put it into a 2 oz. bottle giving you MANY MANY MANY MANY TREATMENTS and it includes the RAPID HYDRATING MILK... for $60. THIS BOTTLE would sell for thousands if you put it into a spa setting and charged the going rate for this treatment. To make a decent profit it was supposed to launch at $120.00 but I wanted my clients to be able to afford and enjoy the BIO TCA-33 KIT... And they have and I'm enjoying the letters I get!!! No fear in turning 60 in a couple years!! xoxo Love you all ![alt text](Photo on 11-30-18 at 11.17 AM #3.jpg image url)Julie Photo on 8-29-18 at 1.14 PM #4.jpg Photo on 7-26-18 at 1.00 PM #4.jpg italicised text


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