Dry Wrinkled Sagging skin is RUINING MY LIFE!!! WHY ME!!!!!!

  • Breaks my heart that woman my age are clueless to the ART of reverse aging!!! You don't need to be rich or have good genes. I do NOT have good genetics! It was watching my parents age and wrinkle so badly that gave ME inspiration to crack the secret to smooth skin!!! Lets put PEELS and NEW SKINCELL TURNOVER to the side. BOTH are important. Its crucial to turn the skin over at least 1-2 times per month to keep it from thickening and sagging and wrinkling. THAT IS THE ANSWER.. but if you are in the PRE PRE PRE period where you have not hit the 35 year mark where your face falls (kidding)... but YOU KNOW IT IS COMING because the women in your family are wrinkled with age spots and lip lines and it's SCARING YOU TO DEATH!!! Something you can do NOW is find a bio identical hydrator that will add EXTRA moisture to your skin. NOT ALL SKIN CREAMS WORK!!! A good hydrator has bio identical hyaluronic acid that your skin recognizes and will accept into the sub cutaneous layers. OTHERWISE it just sits on your skin. You may feel hydrated but its very temporary and not long term. We make 2 bio creams. One is called PERFECT BLENDER ( NRC neck rescue cream) and the other is ORIGINAL AMAZING DAY AND EYE CREAM (original is crucial when ordering). THESE two creams will absorb 20 micron into the skin!!! Thats the layers that are so immature they don't know they are headed for melasmas or wrinkling. We are changing the skin behavior in the WOMB!!!!

    https://perfectcomplexion.net/cart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=83![alt text](image url)

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