Micro resurfacing Cream with RETINOIC ACID., its like a 2 for 1 TREATMENT!!!

  • We are combining our 99.9% pure white Perfect Complexion Micro Crystals with our patented PERFECT COMPLEXION AMAZING DAY CREAM and adding the HYALURONIC PROTEIN with .01% A Peel base giving you amazing benefits of FOUR revolutionary RESURFACING compounds! NEVER has anything like this product been attempted by ANY compounding pharmacy MAINLY because they would rather you purchase FOUR products separately! Of course, because it is a blend, you are not going to get the MAXIMUM hydration potential Apeel or HA because the PRODUCT is a manual resurfacing compound.

    It works JUST LIKE A GRITTY cleanser, only with an AMAZING END RESULT!!!
    This is a patented system of RESURFACING you've never seen before.


    Julie Recommends this product for:

    First time with little skincare history

    Men of all skin types LOVE this!

    People that are skeptical

    Skin that is not showing any signs of aging

    Skin that has no cell damage

    TCA peel users

    Alpha Hydroxys users

    All skin types

    Do not use this post peel until your slough is over and 5 days has passed
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