A PEEL RETINOIC SKIN PEEL by Perfect Complexion

  • Application and Instuction of

    APeel Correct/Daily Resurfacing.

             This is for the application alone. First time users may follow the enclosed user guide for trial application before proceeding with their first treatment.
    • Never use this product with any other peel or resurfacing product in my line, or anyone elses. Do not use with any RX acne medication or RX skin medication.

    • This product is Esthetic Grade which means you must follow the application advice in order to perform this treatment in a safe manner. Many users will increase their application or dosage after carefully using the product for several months as directed.

    Using Qtip Swabs (3 works great~!)If you have the 1/2 oz tube from the kit you can stick the swab in and twirl. You want to withdraw enough that would equal about 3 fat peas!

    I like to PRE-DOT my area. Remember this is for FACIAL USE ONLY and not for eye lids or lower lids, necks or under-jaw areas. Your heaviest application should be on the scar or enlarged pore areas. You will learn techniques of application that can actually pull the skin tight for additional anti aging benefits. For starters, lets just work on the spots like pigment and creases in the skin. Apply with the qtip and work the 3 tips together using pressure. Pretend you have a giant eraser! When I am done with a client, they are pink from the pressure I have applied. Don't forget your lip line and nasal labial fold. AVOID the hair line and nostils. Seeing flakes in those places is just embarrassing!!

    Your 'sit time' after qtipping is up to you. Remove the APEEL and rinse and/or discard of the towel. Remember you will be creating your own application regamin. Some seasoned users leave traces of the APEEL on over night! NEVER attempt this without doing trial applications first!

                 ....The day of the Peel~ no makeup!

    This picture is about as aggressive as I would EVER want a seasoned user to get. Even so, you can use a warm compress to remove most of the residual skin. Nobody would leave my table looking like this. You can do a 20 minute compress and lose ALL of the skin that has lifted. Next I tap concealer, (NOT FOUNDATION) into the skin. If you rake some concealer into your palm (use the back of your thumb nail) and use friction to warm it up..you can press it by tapping it into the skin and you will look very presentable. The redness showing isn't raw skin. Its new skin growth which looks similar to a light sunburn. Ask anyone who uses this and this is their favorite part~ With a touch of concealer you look like you just got back from vacation. The skin is tight and you can see flawless skin exposed.

    This picture is the NORMAL type of peel that occurs. I like to show you both because INFORMATION IS POWER. Plus I really want you to know that this peel can kick your butt if you don't take your time and get your application correct. I know for a fact that there have been new customers that have purchased this thinking they were resilliant to most products and without heeding my warning, and ended up peeling every day for 10 days (I've got the email confessions as proof!)

    The APEEL CORRECT or DAILY APEEL is not designed to see how MUCH you can stand or how much you can peel.


    The beauty and genius of this product is that it creates a NON TRAUMA exfoliation which means that your skin will react to the APEEL by secreting alot of DNA repair to the surface. When the peel abrades the topmost micron (slowly over 24 hours) there is no heat and blistering, so there is nothing to heal. When you burn your skin your body creates healing protein like collagen and elastin bands. pus, melanin, water, antibodies that rush to the aid of the trauma. In that case, there actually IS a burn to tend to...however...during your APEEL treatment, there is NOT any burned or trauma repair, so the protein that floods the epidermis and under lying stratum corneum is flooded with this invaluable protein (your own dna is worth millions!). So, the new skin growth that is waiting to be exposed is not only smoother and tighter on its own,.but it has just been flooded with those repairitive proteins that flooded to the surface to come to the aid of the 'NON TRAUMA PEEL'. Had you used a high dose of that wicked TCA being sold on Ebay and on the internet, your skin would have gobbled up all of those repairitive proteins plus added pus and water and antibodies to the list! The reason those high dose peels do NOT work is that they not only use up all the protein in the skin, they actually rob the protein from skincells that are up to 1 full micron below the epidermis. It is a proven fact that high dose chemical peels may reveil softer skin soon thereafter, but long term the cause the skin to age faster,.almost the same way SUN DAMAGE does! A burn is a burn. Chemical to Sundamage. The reason people age from sundamage is the loss of elasticity that is wasted on so many sunburns and from healing sun exposure!!! Can you imagine the skincare industry that is set in place to sell these harsh chemicals that they claim take YEARS OFF the skin, actually cause the skin to age faster!




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