Alcohol addiction problem

  • Hello everyone, my dad has a drinking problem. I am trying my best to stop him, but he is not able to control. I am concerned about his health and I don't know what to do. The previous day, one of my friends suggested me to take help of some rehab. So I have been looking for a good place for him and I found this recovery center called Freedom from Addiction in Aurora. Does anyone know about this place and its treatments?

  • I think everyone has somebody that is effected by addiction. When looking for referrals always type the name into google and look for YELP reviews or reviews not associated to the place. IN other words you don't want to read manipulated reviews.. You want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly... THAT is how you do your research. Knowing that people may say bad things, due to their experience etc.. And gather that information up to make your OWN best judgement,. If you can't get him into a rehab center maybe you can convince him to go to an ALCOHOLICS ANNONYMOUS meeting or something similar in your area,. Being with other people who have the same issues, and tell similar stories can be very eye opening,. AND IF YOU CANNOT get him into these help source I highly suggest that YOU start going to a meeting yourself,. FRIENDS /FAMILY of alcoholics need support too,. You will be AMAZED at all the information you will get from these groups. IN USA it's called ALANON,. it is free and available to anyone.. GOOGLE it,. and best luck and prayers to you and you're dad!! I'm 28 years w/o a drink myself. xxJule


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